Treaty Walks
Treaty Walks In 2011 I walked to and from school every day the busses ran, for 200 days (about a 35 minute walk one way) and as I walked I meditated on the Treaties, blogging and posting pictures along the way. I continue to blog about the Treaties from a settler descendant perspective.
Voice of the Valley
Voice of the Valley In 2006 Orca Books published my first teen novel. It''s a story about a girl who discovers that her valley is going to be flooded and she must become the voice of the valley.
Ping Pong Poems
Ping Pong Poems I am a die-hard table tennis player. I have been working on a handmade book of ping pong poems for a while now. I plan on making a limited edition of 75 "chap books" which will serve as racquets and a collection of one-of-a-kind poetry.
Singer Songwriter
Singer Songwriter I have shared my songs in schools, libraries, churches, halls, workshops, presentations, Remembrance Day services, Treaty Law School, The Sage Hill Writing Experience, The Frog Moon Cafe and even once in a sweat lodge.
Manuscripts in Progress
Manuscripts in Progress I have been working on a sequel to my novel for a long time. I also have another teen novel (with two very thoughtful rejection letters). I have a 500 page draft of stories from my last year living in Black Lake, a Dene reserve just beneath the 60th parallel. I have 400 plus pages of a memoir of sorts begun after my best friend was diagnosed with cancer. I hope my books grow up like I did (well, I hope they grow up even better). Here''s a picture with baby me and my Dad.
Rejection Binder
Rejection Binder How could someone reject my writing? Just look how cute I am!!! When I visit schools and libraries for Author Visits my Rejection Binder is always a favorite. I ask the audience, "Don''t you keep every nasty letter and evidence of rejection you receive?" They laugh, but then we talk about how you have to take risks when you''re going for a dream.
Sister Triangle Magazine
Sister Triangle Magazine Over 40 years ago, my mom was one of the founding editors of Sister Triangle Magazine. Now, my sister and I work with the magazine which has the motto: Encouraging One Another in Love. I''m the writing coach. If someone new would like to write for us, I help them from idea generating, to clarifying their message, to "show don''t tell", to editing. Above is a picture of my daughters, a sister triangle as well!




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