Saskatchewan Writers'' Guild School Reading Program
Saskatchewan Writers'' Guild School Reading Program On-line Application go to Author Readings in Programs and Services Typical “Reading” Includes: • Young Adult Novel Voice of the Valley (Orca Books) • Treaty Walks (Year-long adventure walking to school and thinking about the treaties) • Children’s Picture Books (printed in Dene and English) • Songs (I’ll bring my guitar and share one of my songs) • Poetry (Not too much, not too little, just right) • Rejection Binder (A favourite with all ages) • Drafts in Progress (A peek into my messy creative process) • Manuscript to Submit (I’ll get the kids to lick the stamp) • Academic Writing (Only if you request it  ) • Moccasins and Otter Mitts (Favourite muses) Home 306.332.3023 School 306.332.4343 Sheena is also available for SWG rates if outside of Saskatchewan, or for additional readings not covered by the SWG.
Being a Treaty Relative: Honouring the Treaties
Being a Treaty Relative: Honouring the Treaties Sheena will begin the session taking participants on a short, local Treaty Walk. Sheena will facilitate a brief history of Canada (which may be new to some) using "The Blanket Exercise". Next, participants will learn the basics of Treaties and the reality of Colonialism. Participants may be interested in building their own personal list of "unsettling" things or ways to honour the Treaties. Finally, utilizing Buffy Sainte Marie''s monologue on "guilt and bitterness" Participants will be encouraged to "Build a Fire" utilizing examples from Sheena and her colleague, Andre''s wiki space, One Story at a Time. This may be a two hour session or a five hour workshop. Follow up Coaching for Being a Treaty Relative is available with Sheena Koops, COACHNET Certified Life Coach.
Being a Treaty Relative: Understanding Your Circumstance and Role in Decolonization and Indiginization
Being a Treaty Relative: Understanding Your Circumstance and Role in Decolonization and Indiginization Participants will undertake "circumspection" a circular self-reflection of power, privilege and potential inherent in Colonial situating. Next, participants will consider the ideology of colonialism, decolonization and Indiginization. Finally, participants will create an Action Research project, beginning with the question, "What is my role toward decolonization or Indiginization?" (Other questions may arise as starting points.) This may be a two hour session or a five hour workshop. Follow up Coaching for Being a Treaty Relative is available with Sheena Koops, COACHNET Certified Life Coach.
Life Coaching
Life Coaching Do you have a dream? Do you want to take a first step? Life Coaching is not counselling or therapy. Life Coaching is a relationship in which the coach listens to the coachee’s dreams and walks beside the individual as he or she takes steps toward his or her own goals. I am a COACHNET certified Life Coach specializing in Education, Arts, Writing, Parenting, and Being a Treaty Relative.
Three Writes for Emerging Writers
Three Writes for Emerging Writers Have you been writing on-and-off for a long time? Have you faced first rejections and celebrated first successes? Have you decided to call yourself a writer, then taken the title away? Have you circled through these stages like doodling on a page? Let’s join together – write away – to remember why we were write all along to call ourselves Writers! Your answers are write under your nose. Workshop for emerging writers, with Sheena Koops Two hour to full day workshops available.
Living Curriculum: Call Upstream/Dream
Living Curriculum: Call Upstream/Dream Join author and educator, Sheena Koops, as she rediscovers Canada’s curriculum guru, Ted Aoki. His invitation to living curriculum “In a New Key” takes Koops on a search for competence. Found poems, self-confession, between-classes-storylines, and a little travel writing… stream toward a conclusion in which brokenness is celebrated and mended, leaving the beauty of teaching strengthened and fragile once more. Available as a one hour Keynote or two-hour presentation with interactive activities to examine your own Living Curriculum and Calling.




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Being a Treaty Relative:

"Go Forth and Be Awkward"

Being a Treaty Relative is often awkward work, as Sheena will tell you, sharing stories from raising her young family on a Dene reserve in Northern Saskatchewan to her current journey as a white woman talking about the Treaties. But it's not all awkward. There are moments of insight, of clarity, of beauty. This permission to do the right thing -- even if it's embarassing, uncomfortable or new -- is a powerful blessing. The storytelling aspect makes this a strong Keynote because people are at different stages in being a Treaty Relative. As a two-hour session, there is more time for coconstruction and sharing, as participants begin to make meaning from their own experiences. If a five hour workshop is available, this is the perfect conclusion to Sheena's other two "Being a Treaty Relative" workshops. Participants will have time and guidance as they consider new possibilities, twisting the old saying, "What would you do if you knew you wouldn't fail?" Now thinking, "What would I do if I had permission to be awkward (and maybe even fail a time or two)?" Of course, in a perfect world, these workshops on "Being a Treaty Relative" would be best facilitated with a group of people working together; however, the workshops may be attended by Treaty Relatives who, like seeds, return to their communities, and dig in.

Voice Coaching

From 5 to 75, if you want to sing, I can help you find your voice! Currently working out of Fort Music in Fort Qu'Appelle, on Wednesdays. I do have a couple spots open. Come check it out. Phone Madona to set up a lesson 306.331.6919.

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